The Marquette Method

Natural Family Planning for the Modern Catholic Woman


You could know within five minutes of waking up if you’re fertile or not.

Without mucus checks. Without temperature checks.

The Marquette Method uses a fertility monitor to measure your daily hormone levels.

It’s just like taking a pregnancy test. The monitor shows your fertility level—low, high, or peak. No guesswork, no stress.

You’ll be surprised how easy it is learn. And how easy it is to use.

But is it effective? It sure is … even if you’re breastfeeding, in perimenopause, or have irregular cycles.

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Louise Boychuk, RN, Marquette Method Instructor

Louise Boychuk, RN

Owner, Vitae Fertility Education

Who Am I?

I’m a Catholic mom, a nurse, an author, and a fertility educator.

I’ve taught Natural Family Planning online to over a thousand couples through my business, .

Is This a Sales Pitch?

Full disclosure, I’m a Marquette Method instructor. But All About Marquette isn’t just a sales pitch for Vitae Fertility.

I don’t believe there’s one method of NFP that’s the perfect fit for all women, all the time. And maybe we’re not the best instructors for how you want to learn.

I’m a healthcare professional. I’m committed to informed consent. My mission is to make sure couples know about ALL their options, so they can make the best choices regarding fertility planning, for them.