Marquette for Newlyweds and Engaged Couples


We’re Engaged! When Should We Learn the Marquette Method?

It’s never too early to start learning about your fertile rhythms. The ideal time to start is six months (six cycles, actually) before your wedding date. After six cycles, Marquette Method users can start to apply the Marquette Method algorithm, which typically results in a more precise identification of a woman’s fertile window (which means less days of abstinence).

That said, it’s never to late to start learning about your fertility, either. Unlike some other methods of NFP, the Marquette Method does not require a full cycle of abstinence while couples learn to interpret their fertile symptoms. Marquette is easy to learn and user-friendly. It’s a natural choice for many busy brides-to-be.

Give (or Get) the Gift of Marquette

Professional Marquette Method instruction can be a perfect wedding present for the right engaged couple. I sell beautiful gift certificates you can tuck into a wedding card. They never expire and are redeemable through Vitae Fertility for a comprehensive training package for one couple (they are also available in any denomination).

I also sell an all-in-one Marquette Method starter package. It includes my comprehensive training package for one couple along with a Clearblue fertility monitor and a box of test sticks. I’ll package it up and mail your gift anywhere in the world.

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes a Baby…

The Marquette Method is a good choice for newly-married couples hoping to become pregnant in the near future. The Clearblue monitor, of course, was designed to help couples achieve pregnancy, so right out of the box it can be helpful when you’re trying to become pregnant.

The Marquette Method really shines, however, once baby arrives. The Marquette Method Breastfeeding Protocols are a uniquely effective, well-researched form of NFP that’s very popular among breastfeeding women. If you’ve started your married life with Marquette, you’ll already own everything you need to continue practicing the method while breastfeeding.

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