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Headshot of Anneli Grimard, Marquette Method Instructor in British Columbia

Anneli Grimard, RN, MMCP

Marquette Method Instructor

Mission, British Columbia, Canada

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Hi, my name is Anneli Grimard. My husband, 3-year-old son, and I live in Mission, BC, which is just outside of Vancouver. We recently moved onto an acreage where we are living out our homesteading dreams.

I graduated from Trinity Western University with my BScN in 2014. That same year I first formally learned an NFP method, got married and started working as a Nurse in Maternity and Public Health. I now have the privilege of staying at home with my son while working as a Marquette Method Instructor.

My NFP Experience

I grew up surrounded by NFP-practicing families. My mom taught me the basics early on.

As a teenager, I experienced how empowering it felt to understand what was going on with my body. I loved knowing what my fertile symptoms meant.

I had a solid understanding of NFP and fertility before getting married. I felt quite confident in choosing a method with my husband when we were engaged. We were excited to get started and wanted to have kids early in our marriage.

But soon infertility and pregnancy loss became our reality. We struggled for 4 years before conceiving our son.

It was a difficult time. Our fertility went from being exciting to being … complicated.

While we were trying to conceive we tried two other methods of NFP, including the Creighton Method. We received excellent support from our NaProTechnology provider and we were able to conceive naturally. 

After having our son, I suddenly felt very nervous to continue with Creighton or another mucus-based method. Unlike my experience as a teenager, I quickly realized that postpartum NFP (especially while breastfeeding) was quite difficult—during the breastfeeding phase I had no idea what my fertility was up to! 

So we, like so many other breastfeeding moms, made the switch to the Marquette Method. I learned through Vitae Fertility before becoming an instructor here myself. I still remember my first session. I’ve never felt so confident in an NFP method. (Marquette is the third method I’ve used.)

Despite experiencing continued infertility, with Marquette’s urine-based hormone testing approach I have more clarity into my fertility than ever. Fertility is exciting again. I love Marquette for its simplicity and effectiveness.

Why I Became a Marquette Method Instructor

I’m passionate about fertility health. Hormones are fascinating. I felt drawn to becoming an instructor because in my nursing practice I’ve always loved teaching one on one. I’m honored to be able to teach women and couples knowledge about their God-given fertility and show them the beauty of following God’s design.

I’m humbled to be able to carry out my vocation as a nurse in such a life-giving way.

Picture of Anneli Grimard (RN and Marquette Instructor) in a field with her family

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