Marquette for Women's Health Conditions

Does Marquette Work for Women with Irregular Cycles?

The Marquette Method of NFP is especially popular, and especially effective, in the phases of a woman’s fertile life when cycles are irregular or disrupted and thus particularly difficult to navigate with other forms of NFP.

The Marquette Method can be used with confidence in these “special circumstances,” including:

  • while breastfeeding
  • coming off hormonal birth control
  • experiencing short, long, or irregular-length cycles
  • by women in perimenopause
  • by women with health conditions that affect fertility, including hormone imbalances, thyroid conditions, and PCOS.

Because the Marquette Method is only taught by doctors and Registered Nurses, the method is potentially much more than a way to avoid pregnancy. Your charts reveal much about your underlying health, and your instructor will refer you to a health specialist should your charts reveal a possible health issue.

Women with longer-than-average cycles, such as many women with PCOS, might need to test more days per month than women with average-length cycles. So that you can know what to expect, I wrote a blog post on how much it costs to practice Marquette, and broke it down by cycle length. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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