Personalized Online Marquette Method Classes

Personalized, Comprehensive Marquette Method Classes

My goal as a Marquette Method instructor is to teach you how to achieve Marquette’s 98%-99% correct use effectiveness rates.

With the permission of the Marquette Institute for Natural Family Planning, I created an integrated set of Marquette Method learning materials—presentations, manuals, and charts—that ensure you understand not just how to follow the Marquette Method instructions correctly, but also understand how and why the method works.

I teach my clients in one-on-one teaching sessions using a secure online video platform—my services are available to clients all over the world.

Daytime, weekend, and evening appointments are available — whatever suits your schedule best. Are you in a different time zone than me? No problem! I’m happy to work with you, at a time that works for you, whatever the timezone.

What’s included in my Marquette Method Classes? 

All my classes include private, one-on-one Marquette Method instruction tailored to your stage of fertility, follow-up sessions for a year, and an option to renew. When you sign up, I’ll send my exclusive learning package to you in the mail, which includes a copy of one of my books, a blank chart, and even 12 Wondfo brand LH test sticks.


Marquette Method Class Learning Package

My Classes All Include:

A private introductory Marquette Method class tailored to you

I only teach one-on-one. NFP is personal, and I want you to feel comfortable asking questions as you learn. I tailor my introductory teaching session to each client’s current stage of fertility. If you’re currently breastfeeding, for example, I’ll begin by teaching you the breastfeeding protocols. I’ll teach you the regular cycles instructions once you need them, in a follow-up session.

I have clients all over the world, so I teach around the clock. Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments are available. I can often offer last-minute appointments – get in touch to check my current availability.

Follow-up sessions after 1, 6 and 12 months (and as necessary in between)

During each of your follow-up sessions, I’ll check in with you, answer your questions, and review your chart to ensure you know how to correctly apply the method to your actual cycles. You’ll have my full support for as long as you remain an active client. I’ll answer all of your questions as they come up and I’ll schedule additional follow-up sessions as you need them.

Prompt answers to all your Marquette Method questions

As my client, you’ll be able to get in touch with me anytime via email, text, or voice call.

If you ask me a question, you’ll hear back from me by the end of the day. It’s as simple as that.

You practice NFP every day. You deserve prompt and reliable answers to all your questions. I never want my clients worrying about what to do next when they have questions or things get tricky.

As your instructor, I’ll always provide you with advice that’s tailored to you and your unique health and fertility history. Because Marquette Method instructors are all health professionals who have a deep understanding of hormones and health, we are able to tailor the method to you, to ensure that the method remains highly effective while avoiding unnecessary abstinence.

A hard copy of my book, "The Marquette Method of NFP: A Comprehensive Guide"

I wrote two books on the Marquette Method of NFP, one for breastfeeding women and one for women in regular cycles. You can learn more about what’s in the books, why I wrote them, and download previews of them here. When you register with me, I’ll put a hard copy the book corresponding to the protocols you will be following into the learning package I’ll send to you in the mail. Later, if you change protocols, I’ll send you the other book in the mail.

These manuals, which I wrote with the permission of the Marquette Institute for Natural Family Planning, form the cornerstone to my integrated set of teaching materials. I wrote them to complement professional instruction, so they are only available through me and as part of my comprehensive teaching package.

Hands-on Marquette Method worksheets

Most people learn best by doing. As part of their learning experience, my clients receive a set of Marquette Method worksheets that I’ve developed to guide you through some of the tricky situations that occur during real women’s cycles.

As we work through these examples together, you’ll get the hands-on learning you need to be sure you’re ready to practice the method correctly once you start charting your own cycle information.

Color Marquette Method paper charts

My Marquette Method paper charts make tracking your fertility easy. I’ve designed charts specific to each protocol and monitor model, so you’ll have a place for everything and everything in its place.

My clients receive color charts as part of their learning package, and they are also available to anyone as a free download.

A starter pack of LH test sticks

In some specific situations, luteinizing hormone (LH) test sticks can be a valuable addition to a couple’s Marquette Method practice.

I send 12 LH test sticks in each learning package, so you’ll have some on hand should you ever need them last minute. (And don’t worry, I’ll teach you when and how to use them, too!)

Option to renew after one year

After your first year, you’ll have an option to renew your Marquette Method support with me for $50 per year. As a continuing client, you’ll continue to receive all the same benefits as you enjoyed in your first year, including additional learning materials, refresher teaching sessions, and change-of-protocol teaching sessions as you need them.


 Get everything above for just:

$230 USD / $300 CAD 

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