Marquette Method Supplies

Couples new to practicing the Marquette Method of NFP need to purchase a Clearable Fertility Monitor and single-use urine test sticks. Click the buttons below to ensure you purchase the correct products.

Best Marquette NFP LH Sticks - Wondfo Ovulation Test

Wondfo Ovulation Tests (LH Test Sticks)

Proov Progesterone Tests

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Blog Posts on Marquette Method Supplies

How Much Does it Cost to Practice the Marquette Method of NFP?

Detailed breakdown of the start-up and ongoing costs involved in practicing Marquette, and tips for how to save on instruction, the monitor, and sticks.

Old or New? Choosing a Clearblue Monitor to Practice the Marquette Method of NFP

Need help choosing a Clearblue Fertility Monitor to practice the Marquette Method of NFP? Find out the pros and cons of each model.

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