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The Marquette Method of natural family planning uses the latest in at-home fertility testing to precisely track your daily hormone levels.

Take the guesswork out of NFP.

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Marquette Method of NFP
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Vitae Fertility Education

Vitae Fertility Education teaches the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP), a highly effective method of NFP that employs the Clearblue line of home-based fertility monitors to track women’s hormone changes throughout each menstrual cycle.

The Marquette Method is one of the most effective forms of NFP. It is 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy when used correctly and with the expert advice of a trained Marquette instructor. The method is objective and relatively easy to learn, and typically requires less abstinence than other forms of NFP.

Your body is amazing. Human fertility is beautiful, and even a little mysterious. At Vitae Fertility Education we are passionate about empowering women and couples by teaching them how to read and interpret their natural fertile rhythms, allowing them to work with their fertility instead of suppressing it.

Why Choose Marquette?

It's Effective

When used correctly and under the advice of an instructor, the Marquette Method is 99% effective for women in regular cycles and 98% effective for breastfeeding mothers. It’s as effective as The Pill. Marquette’s effectiveness rates are backed by highly regarded, peer-reviewed research.

It's Easy

Test your hormone levels once a day, record the results on your chart, and then move on with your life. Tracking hormone levels directly gives you an accurate, objective measure of fertility, so you don’t have to track mucus or temperatures (unless you want to).

It's Taught by Doctors and Nurses

NFP is healthcare. Marquette Method instructors are all physicians or Registered Nurses. We are trained in how to personalize the method to each client’s specific needs, preferences, and medical history.

Custom-Fit Protocols

The Marquette Method has specific, research-backed protocols for women in regular cycles, breastfeeding women, and women approaching menopause. It works, even if your cycles are irregular.

More Date Nights

Tracking hormone levels directly is so precise that, for many couples, it leads to more available days of intimacy.

marquette NFP breastfeeding protocol user manual


The Marquette Method is an NFP solution tailor-made for you.

The Marquette Method Breastfeeding Protocol can be used before and after your return to cycles. It’s a hormone-free, barrier-free method of family planning that works whether or not baby sleeps through the night.

Thinking of Switching to the Marquette Method?

Marquette is easy. It’s a once-a-day commitment.

And it’s effectiveness rates are backed by evidence-based, peer-reviewed research, so you can rest assured that it’s not just easy, it’s effective too.

If your current method of family planning isn’t working for you (or for your life), consider learning more about Marquette. It might just be the right method for you.

Peak fertility reading on the Clearblue Fertility Monitor - How the Marquette Method works

Hello! I’m Louise Boychuk

I’m a Marquette Method instructor and the founder of Vitae Fertility Education. I’m one of a team of Marquette Method instructors who teach through Vitae Fertility.

We provide all our clients with personalized, comprehensive training in the Marquette Method of NFP. I developed an integrated set of Marquette Method learning materials — presentations, manuals, and charts — to ensure that Vitae Fertility clients have the knowledge and tools they need to practice the method correctly from day one.

We teach the Marquette Method one-on-one at a time that’s convenient to you, including on evenings and weekends. You’ll be up and running with the method after a 90-minute Marquette Method class, and all our packages include regular follow-up sessions and full support for one year, with an option to renew.


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