Not your mother's NFP.

The Marquette Method uses the latest in at-home fertility testing to precisely track your daily hormone levels. Take the guesswork out of NFP.

Your body is amazing. Human fertility is beautiful, and even a little mysterious. Vitae Fertility Education is passionate about empowering women and couples by teaching them how to read and interpret their natural fertile rhythms, allowing them to work with their fertility instead of suppressing it.

Vitae Fertility Education teaches the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP), a highly effective method of NFP that employs the Clearblue line of home-based fertility monitors to track women’s hormone changes throughout each menstrual cycle.

The Marquette Method is one of the most effective forms of NFP ever developed. It is 99% effective in avoiding pregnancy when used correctly and with the expert advice of a trained Marquette instructor. The method is objective and relatively easy to learn, and typically requires less abstinence than other forms of NFP.


When used correctly and under the advice of an instructor, the Marquette Method is 99% effective for women in regular cycles and 98% effective for breastfeeding mothers. That’s as effective as The Pill.


Sticky? Slippery? Stretchy? The Marquette Method tracks your daily hormone levels directly so you can stop worrying about cervical mucus types.

More Date Nights

Marquette users utilize a simple urine test to track their daily hormone levels. This precision means less unnecessary days of abstinence.

Designed for Every Stage of Life

The Marquette Method has specific protocols for women in regular cycles, breastfeeding women, and women approaching menopause. It’s designed for you.
Newly Married?

Newly Married?

Congratulations! You’re engaged or newly married and thinking ahead to starting a family – maybe now, maybe later. Now is the perfect time to gain a deeper understanding of your fertility. The Marquette Method is easy to learn, highly effective, and can be used to avoid or achieve a pregnancy.
New Baby at Home?

New Baby at Home?

Lots of couples switch to the Marquette Method when they are breastfeeding. The Marquette Method Breastfeeding Protocol can be used before and after your return to cycles. It’s a hormone-free, barrier-free method of family planning that works whether or not baby sleeps through the night.
Greening your Lifestyle?

Greening your Lifestyle?

The Marquette Method is 100% natural. Finally, family planning without hormones polluting your body or the environment, and without barriers getting in the way of your love life.

The Marquette Method Efficacy vs. Contraception

  • Marquette Method – Perfect Use 99%
  • Marquette Method – Typical Use 93%
  • Birth Control Pill – Perfect Use 98%
  • Birth Control Pill – Typical Use 93%
  • Condoms – Perfect Use 98%
  • Condoms – Typical Use 82%
  • Intrauterine Device – Perfect Use 99.2%
  • Intrauterine Device – Typical Use 99.2%

Free Marquette Method Consultation

Interested in Marquette but not sure if it will work for your particular circumstances? Have some questions before you start? Contact Louise Boychuk, Marquette Method instructor and owner of Vitae Fertility Education for a free, no-obligation consultation.