What is the Marquette Method of NFP?

Women using the Marquette Method of NFP track their reproductive hormone levels each day via a simple urine test. Following the method instructions, women use the Clearblue fertility monitor to track their hormones daily. Within minutes of conducting the urine test, the monitor digitally displays one of three readings (low, high, or peak), indicating the woman’s hormone levels that day. This information – together with the Marquette Method instructions, algorithm, and method of charting – provides couples with the most accurate home-based method of measuring their fertility, helping them to accurately determine their fertile window. Research has shown that the Marquette Method of NFP can be up to 99% effective at avoiding unintended pregnancies when practiced correctly, and with the guidance of a Marquette Method instructor. Because the method directly measures the reproductive hormones (estrogen and luteinizing hormone), rather than the external signs of changing hormonal activity, the fertile window can be defined more accurately and precisely. This can help to minimize unnecessary abstinence.

Other forms of NFP require users to interpret sometimes-ambiguous fertility indicators like cervical mucus quality. Breastfeeding women in particular often have fertile mucus that is difficult to interpret. The Clearblue monitor provides a user-friendly, objective picture of fertility and direct insight into the underlying hormonal activity that powers the reproductive cycle. The objectivity of the Marquette Method takes much of the worry and guesswork out of NFP.

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