Marquette Method Instructors

Meet Our Team of Marquette Instructors

Louise Boychuk, RN, Marquette Method Instructor

Louise Boychuk, RN, MMCP

Edmonton, Alberta

Headshot of Katie Creviston, Marquette Method instructor based out of Colorado

Katie Creviston, RN, MMCP

Denver, Colorado

Louise Boychuk, RN, Marquette Method Instructor

Lindsey Gilmore, RN, MMCP

Austin, Texas

Headshot of Michelle Grant, RN, A Marquette Method Instructor based out of Fort Worth, Texas

Michelle Grant, RN, MMCP

Fort Worth, Texas

Headshot of Anneli Grimard, Marquette Method Instructor in British Columbia

Anneli Grimard, RN, MMCP

British Columbia, Canada

Stephanie Hilgert Headshot

Stephanie Hilgert, RN, MMCP


headshot of paula romanoski, marquette method instructor in TN

Paula Romanoski, RN, MMCP


Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Nikki Schuiling, Marquette NFP Instructor, Chicago Illinois

Nikki Schuiling, RN, MMCP


Chicago, Illinois

Katie Schweinsberg, Marquette Method Instructor based out of Illinois

Katie Schweinsberg, RN, MMCP

Island Lake, Illinois

Headshot of Jennifer Sikes, RN, a Marquette Method Instructor based out of Muncie, Indiana

Jennifer Sikes, RN, MMCP

 Muncie, Indiana

Amanda Smith, Marquette Method NFP Instructor

Amanda Smith, RN, MMCP

 Chattanooga, Tennessee

Headshot of Bethany Smith, RN and Marquette Method of NFP Instructor with Vitae Fertility Education. Bethany is based out of Tulsa, Oaklahoma.

Bethany Smith, RN, MMCP

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Nikki Schuiling, Marquette NFP Instructor, Chicago Illinois

Ashlee Underwood, RN, MMCP

Edmonton, Alberta

The Vitae Fertility Difference

Here’s what you can expect when you learn the Marquette Method with a Vitae Fertility instructor…


We’ve collectively taught over 6000 clients, which means our hands-on experience with NFP goes way beyond the basics.

We regularly teach clients with complicated fertility histories, complicated charts, and the full range of women’s health conditions which affect menstrual cycles.

Rest assured that we know what to do, even if you’re cycles aren’t “easy.”


We only offer 1:1, private instruction. Why? Because your fertility is unique. Personal to you.

We don’t offer group classes because we tailor each class to the specific needs of each client. And we want to you feel comfortable asking questions as you learn. NFP is healthcare. Your doctor doesn’t schedule you into a group class, so we don’t either.

Marquette Method Manuals

In 2017, Louise (our founder) wrote two books on the Marquette Method of NFP. One book for breastfeeding women and one is for women in regular cycles. These aren’t brochures—they are in-depth manuals (the breastfeeding book is 108 pages). They’re only available through Vitae Fertility.

You’ll get one in the mail when you become a Vitae Fertility client.

Answers to your questions

We never want you worrying about what to do next if things get tricky. You will always be able to get in touch with your instructor anytime.

Our policy is to respond within a day. Even on weekends. Even on holidays.

Team-Based Approach to Your Care

We’re nurses, and in healthcare nurses always work in teams. The Vitae Fertility team meets regularly to support one another as we support our clients.

If one of us has a client who is struggling to interpret their fertility, we draw upon the collective wisdom and experience of all the team to arrive at a plan.

Marquette Method Certified

All the Vitae Fertility instructors are Marquette Method Certified Professionals (MMCPs).

We are all active members of the Marquette Method Professional Association. (Many of us serve on the board and on committees, too.)

We Walk in Faith

Vitae Fertility isn’t just a business. It’s a ministry.

You don’t have to be Catholic to be a Vitae Fertility client (we welcome clients of any faith background and have many clients who are not religious) but we know that we could not do this work without Jesus.

We pray together, fast together, and let God guide us in our work.

We Use Marquette, Too!

We practice what we teach! We’re all moms with years of experience with Natural Family Planning and the Marquette Method. Most of us also have experience with other methods prior to switching to Marquette.

Louise Boychuk, RN, Marquette Method Instructor

Louise Boychuk, RN, MMCP

Marquette Method Instructor
Founder of Vitae Fertility Education

How it Started…

I wrote the Marquette Method manuals in coffeeshops while friends babysat my 3 kids.

I had 3 under 5 at the time. My youngest was still nursing.

It was hard, but I did it because finding Marquette has been transformational in my life.

Before Marquette, NFP had been a constant source of tension and frustration for my marriage. My NFP story—a story of total frustration with my cycles—is not uncommon.

All I knew is that I had finally found an evidence-based, easy-to-use method of natural family planning that worked. For the first time in my life, I had clarity into my cycles. Even while breastfeeding!

The world needed to know about it.

When I started Vitae Fertility in 2017, I had no idea what plans God had for Vitae Fertility.

For a few years I taught multiple couples per day. There was such a need. (There still is.)

In prayer, I realized that I couldn’t do it alone.

There was a real need for more well-informed, experienced Marquette Method instructors. So many people were hearing about the method for the first time from friends and family. I just couldn’t keep up.

I started bringing on more instructors to Vitae Fertility in 2019.

Women need and deserve dependable, skilled instructors to teach them the method and guide them in following it, day-by-day and cycle-by-cycle.

I knew the best way to do that was to take other instructors under my wing and mentor them so that they could be the kind of instructor that every woman wants.

  • One that’s patient, calm, and skilled.
  • One that has a good “bedside manner.”
  • One that stays up to date on the latest developments in NFP research.
  • And one who you can count on to listen to your questions and give you personalized, expert answers in a timely manner.

God brought us together to serve women like you. It’s been a wild ride to be sure, but isn’t that always how it goes when you follow His plan?

He had plans for us, and I know He has plans for you too.

God bless,

Louise Boychuk

Team picture of the Marquette Method Instructors who teach with Vitae Fertility