Natural Family Planning Training for Priests

Many priests feel well equipped to speak to the theological foundations of why couples should use natural family planning, but lack the knowledge and resources they need to help couples struggling to practice NFP in their married lives.

I address this problem in the simplest way I know how…

I teach Natural Family Planning to clergy for free.

Any member of the clergy, anywhere in the world, can sign up with me for a free introduction to the science and research of NFP.


What’s Included in the Training?

The Science of Reproduction

A primer on how human fertility works, and how NFP works with God’s design to allow couples to avoid or achieve pregnancy, naturally

An Overview of Modern NFP: The Methods

An overview of the modern, mainstream methods of NFP, the similarities and differences between them, and what couples can expect in terms of effectiveness and required days of abstinence needed for couples trying to avoid pregnancy 

NFP in "Special Circumstances"

Information on particular special circumstances, such as breastfeeding, peri-menopause, and women’s health conditions, which can make practicing NFP especially challenging for some couples, and information on where to find the latest evidence-based research into NFP that parish couples can use to help them choose which method of NFP is best for their particular circumstances


After one 90-minute session with me, priests leave with a firm, evidenced-based background into the science and research of modern NFP, so they can feel more confident in recommending it to the couples in their parish.

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