Marquette Method Manuals

Marquette Method NFP Manuals by Louise Boychuk, RN

The Marquette Institute for Natural Family Planning produced a user manual to the Marquette Method of NFP which instructors can use with their clients.

Early on in my practice as a Marquette Method instructor, however, I found that many of my clients had questions—lots of questions!—that this manual didn’t address.

The user manual does not, for example, cover the Marquette breastfeeding protocols, but the majority of my clients were switching to Marquette specifically because they were breastfeeding.

Over the years, the manual has also become out of date. The Institute’s research into human fertility is ongoing, but the manual has not been updated in some time, and it does not include the latest recommendations and modifications to the method coming out of the Institute.

When I started teaching the Marquette Method, it quickly became clear to me that my clients needed a more comprehensive source of information on the method. Only with a deeper understanding of the method (not just the how but the why) could they really trust it.

With the permission of the Marquette Method researchers, I wrote and published two comprehensive guides to the method, one for women in regular cycles and a second manual for breastfeeding women (who follow different protocols). These books have become the cornerstone to the Vitae Fertility approach to teaching the Marquette Method.

I wrote these manuals to complement professional instruction, not replace it, which is why they are only available as part of one of Vitae Fertility’s Marquette Method training packages.

Curious what’s in them? Click on the buttons below to read a detailed table of contents or download a PDF of the introduction to each book.

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