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Ashlee Underwood, Marquette Method Instructor

Ashlee Underwood, RN, MMCP

Marquette Method Instructor

Alberta, Canada

One-on-one, personalized training in the Marquette Method, in-person and online

Hi, I’m Ashlee. I’m a wife, mother, Registered Nurse and one of the Vitae Fertility Marquette Method instructors.

My husband and I homeschool our four wonderful children.  With him being a paramedic and I a nurse it’s fair to say that besides language arts and math our children are learning a lot more about human health than most kids their age! I graduated from the University of Alberta Nursing Program in 2009, and, in addition to teaching Marquette, I work at a rural hospital north of our home in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My husband and I have been married for nine years. After the birth of our first child I struggled with natural family planning. The mucus-based method we were taught wasn’t a good fit for us. I found the subjectivity and uncertainty frustrating to practice, particularly while postpartum and breastfeeding.

Discovering Marquette after the birth of our second child was such a blessing for us. There are many reasons to appreciate the Marquette Method; it’s easy to learn, easy to practice, entirely objective and is taught exclusively by medical professionals. It was a great fit for me.  I was so inspired that I enrolled in the training program to become a Marquette Method instructor.

It’s always humbling to look back and see how God’s providence has guided our path. I didn’t plan to become a Marquette Instructor when I became a nurse, but it has become a clear calling for me. It’s a joy and an honor to accompany women on their NFP journey.

Ashlee Underwood, RN, Marquette NFP Instructor and Family

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