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Headshot of Lindsey Gilmore, RN, Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning Instructor

Lindsey Gilmore, RN, MMCP

Marquette Method Instructor

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Hi! I’m Lindsey Gilmore. My husband and I live with our three children in Austin, TX. I am excited to teach you the Marquette Method of Natural Family Planning (NFP).

I graduated from Ohio State University with a BSN in nursing in 2010. Shortly after graduation, I commissioned into the US Air Force as a nurse where I practiced everything from bedside nursing to flight nursing. I deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 to help wounded soldiers return safely to their families. At the time, becoming a Marquette Method instructor was not at all on my radar … until my husband and I were married, and the babies started coming.

My Natural Family Planning Journey

The NFP training we received in marriage prep was frustrating, to say the least. We were taught very little, and we were left on our own to scour the internet for which method to use, and instructions on how to use it correctly.

After our surprise third baby, I knew we needed to find an instructor and learn a method of NFP in depth—we choose Marquette on the recommendation of a friend. Learning Marquette lifted the fog of NFP for us—finally, we had the knowledge we needed to confidently space our pregnancies. Learning Marquette made such a difference in my life. 

Picture of Lindsey Gilmore, Marquette Method of NFP instructor, with her husband and children

Why I Became a Marquette Instructor

It was clear to me from the beginning that I wanted to become a Marquette instructor, since teaching Marquette was a perfect way for me to use my nursing skills to help others. As a nurse, I was drawn to science behind the method, and I appreciate that the Marquette researchers conduct ongoing fertility research. I am honored to teach women in all walks of life from all over the world how to chart their fertility, which empowers them with the knowledge they need to know when they’re fertile, when they’re not, and to know when everything is in working order—and when it’s not.

Women and couples deserve a method of NFP that’s simple to use, effective, and gives them a deep insight into the body’s fertility. I found that in Marquette, and I trust you will, too.

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