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Louise Boychuk, Marquette Method Instructor

Louise Boychuk, RN

Marquette Method Instructor

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Hello, I’m Louise Boychuk. I’m a wife, a mother, a Registered Nurse, a Marquette Method instructor, and the founder of Vitae Fertility Education.

Growing up, I was torn between two people-centered professions; it was hard for me to choose between becoming a teacher or a nurse. I finally decided to become a nurse and earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Alberta. Happily, I soon learned that patient education is a central aspect of nursing practice. I have eight years of experience as a Registered Nurse at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

My NFP Story

I married my husband, Nicholas, in 2012. Early in our marriage we learned and used a mucus method of NFP. Due to constant cervical mucus, I had a difficult time identifying which days in my cycle were fertile and which were infertile. This resulted in a great deal of unnecessary abstinence, followed by the conception our first child. After the birth of our baby, we found that practicing a mucus-based method of NFP while breastfeeding very confusing and frustrating. (I’ve since learned our experience was hardly unique.) Interpreting my ambiguous fertile signs caused a lot of stress in our marriage and long stretches of abstinence. I was still breastfeeding when my cycles returned, and in one of my first cycles back, we found out that we were pregnant. This pregnancy was a very unexpected, related to a longer than expected cycle and a mucus double-peak.

Why I Became an Instructor

After conceiving our second child, we knew we needed to learn a new method of NFP for the breastfeeding transition. A friend introduced us to the Marquette Method. It changed our lives and revitalized our marriage. We found it to be very user-friendly and incredibly objective. We were encouraged by the research that shows how much more effective it is than other methods of NFP, particularly for postpartum, breastfeeding women. Best of all, it worked beautifully with our busy lives and growing family.  Switching to the Marquette Method increased my confidence in NFP as a means of avoiding a pregnancy and dramatically decreased my anxiety surrounding an unplanned pregnancy. It also made far more days available for intercourse. It was truly a win-win proposition for us.

Human fertility is mysterious. It can bring life’s greatest joys but also its deepest sorrows. We lost a baby to a miscarriage at eighteen weeks—the result of a workplace injury. I have experienced firsthand the trials and frustrations that accompany many couples’ practice of NFP. I’ve been there, which is why I was so eager to become trained as a Marquette Method Instructor, something only doctors and Registered Nurses can do. In 2016 I enrolled in classes at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to become a Marquette Method instructor. I studied under and was mentored by the method’s founder, Dr. Richard J. Fehring, and his team.

The Vitae Fertility Team

Vitae means life in Latin. I founded Vitae Fertility Education in 2017 to breathe new life into marriages struggling with natural family planning. I lead a team of Marquette Method instructors who run comprehensive, one-on-one Marquette Method classes and training to women and couples around the world. With one of us as your personal Marquette Method instructor, you can be confident you understand the method fully and can practice it correctly. We take the guesswork out of NFP, so you can get back to enjoying your life.

In my parenting journey, I’ve learned that our experience of frustration with natural family planning is hardly unique. I’ve heard from many women whose method of NFP wasn’t working for them anymore and they were looking for something new, couples tired of abstaining and just wanting to be intimate with their spouse again. If you’re ready to make the switch, please get in touch. I offer free consultations to anyone interested in the Marquette Method. Let’s talk about how the Marquette Method can work for you.

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